Remarketing: How to leverage the power of remarketing to yield the maximum ROI?

Remarketing or as it is frequently called as “Ad Retargeting” is an useful tool to increase the visibility of any brand. It is used in those cases when the prospective customer or user has already visited the brand’s website but is yet to make a purchase. Remarketing is a highly customizable tool, which can be used to influence the prospective customers into making a purchase and thus, effectively increasing the ROI of the brand.

Remarketing utilises special tracking code to target all those customers who visit the website of your brand. Here are numerous techniques to enhance the power of remarketing so as to yield the maximum ROI:

1) Put the remarketing code on only the homepage of your website:

If you put the remarketing code on only the brand’s homepage then you can target all the visitors with ease. In all probability these visitors reached the homepage via organic search or some referral link.

2) Cookies are very important:

Every remarketing list needs at least 500 visitors with saved cookies before the remarketed advertisements can be shown to the users. So, it is imperative to have a wide audience of your brand so that each and every list needs the requisite amount of saved cookies, bereft of which the remarketing campaign will not work.

3) Users are not knowledgeable about Remarketing:

Utilise this fact that the users are not aware about remarketing to the fullest. If the users see your advertisements numerous times, then the brand recollection value grows and the users think that your brand is a big name. You can also create your remarketing campaigns around some global and local events for maximum ROI.

4) Showcase remarketing advertisements with offers at intervals: 

You can showcase different types of remarketing advertisements with lucrative offers like “Crazy Discount”, “Last-Chance Offer” etc to entice the visitors.

5) Customize remarketing campaigns for shopping-cart abandoners:

You can customize your remarketing campaign for all the shopping cart abandoners with the products in their shopping cart, easy exchange policy, the return policy, discount codes and other promotional activities, which may tempt the consumer to come back and finish their purchase.

With these simple but highly effective remarketing techniques, I hope that you are able to get the maximum ROI for your brand

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