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I have designed some advance methods especially for tech support business leads (Calls) by Search Engines Marketing. Now you can learn all the tricks in some hours of classes. These concepts developed by Me so it would not be time taking, because I will share in-depth knowledge and deep experience of my expertise with you during the sessions.

The New Era

Today’s Best Source of Quality Calls Or Leads era is Internet and Pay Per click promoting model in Internet Marketing provides for you best Results. You must learn “PPC” If you need to begin Generating Or Selling PPC Calls For Tech Support inside 24hrs.

Expert Advice

I will not only teach you the basics of the digital PPC campaign but also provide a expert, compre-hensive and thorough insight with the rigorous course, which will guarantee effective results of the PPC campaign.

Practical Experince

My course is designed for the amateurs to the professionals in mind with varying course-lengths, so that there is something for everyone .There is no substitute for Practical experience, and I will guarantee that you will not only be classroom trained but also be loaded with practical exposure at the end of the course. Share your experiences with fellow students so that you can learn from your combined experiences, as “Experience is the best School”.


Now you are worried about the technical part of these advance online advertisement methods or process, then wait I have an easy solution of it!


Why not you go for an online advertising classes. Easy to learn methods and you will be jack of all trades in some hours.

Benefits of Sessions

One Time Investment

In actuality, this is one of the uncommon sorts of business Investment that nearly winds up paying off for you after some time. Regardless of whether you are maintaining a tech support business that utilizes salaried or hourly staff, putting resources into representative improvement this PPC Training for Tech Support is justified, despite all the trouble.

Unlimited Leads

Shows signs of improvement leads at reduced cost. Become expert in Call Generation to drive more transformations and watch the elements driving more changes. Communicate with your customers about the Services they’ve indicated enthusiasm for and customize your messages appropriately.

Total Control Over Tech Support Business

In the event that you awaken an entrepreneur from his/her fantasy, and ask them what they were imagining about, they will unquestionably say, “add up to control over my business”. Despite the span of their association, each entrepreneur endeavors to gain total and complete control over their business. The rationale is basic: the more control they will have, the better they can drive operations and produce income.

Easily Expansion of Business

At the point when major organisations around the globe began generating calls in-house specialists were certain about the outcomes. Be that as it may, the advantages of Tech support PPC Calls surpassed everybody’s desires and made another benchmark in the business.

Low Cost Calls

Of course, every one wants to eliminate paid advertisement that is working, however purchasing calls from a call vendor is bit expensive so it is worthwhile to generate your own tech support ppc calls which is highly recommended.

More Business In Your Budget

Regardless of your financial plan, there are dependably approaches to build your deals and develop your business. Be that as it may, one of the trickiest angles is expanding your deals when your financial plan is tight. Whatever the reasons are, it could test to expand your deals while monitoring your showcasing and promoting dollars, so by digging your hands to pull out PPC Calls through Google Adwords Program will definitely a win situation for your business.


Your business needs a superior, more savvy framework for settling technical support challenges than the in-house support group you are presently utilizing. Odds are, you’ve viewed as the likelihood of seaward tech support call focus—however in the event that you’ve heard only negative criticism, you’ve presumably chosen it wasn’t a smart thought.

All things considered, it’s an ideal opportunity to investigate. These are probably the most widely recognized myths and the genuine truth behind them.

There are at least 10 cliches that over all circulates in Tech Support Industry. Few are mentioned below


U.S. Billing Is Not Mandatory

This is the way you make your payments. Your decisions are:

Automatic payments: You’re naturally charged after your advertisements run, either 30 days after your last programmed charge or when you achieve a preset sum (known as your threshold), whichever starts things out. You can likewise make payments whenever to control your expenses.

Manual payments: Pay when you need for future expenses. With this setting, you influence a payment before your promotions to run. At that point, as your promotions run and you gather costs, the credit from your payment will diminish. At the point when your cost spent, your advertisements will quit running

U.S. IP Is Not Mandatory

AdWords location targeting enables your advertisements to show up in the geographic areas that you pick: nations, territories inside a nation, a span around an area, or area gatherings, which can incorporate spots of intrigue, your business areas, or layered socioeconomics.

Accounts Created In U.S. Doesn’t Has More Prioprities

As mentioned in point number 2. your ads show up in the areas that you pick, the only benefit that you will get is that US billing does not includes TAX and accounts in INR includes 18 % Tax.

Account Don’t Suspended Because Of Indian IP

Its a myth that account gets suspended because of Indian IP. If Any account goes into suspension thats because of any policy violation or suspicious behaviour in payment activity

You Can Use The Trademark Terms In The Website

While using the trade mark terms we need to be very careful, as Google has the trade mark term policy related to ad copy. For website or landing pages trademark terms can be used with proper disclaimer and other mandatory pages as it should not effect the direct party.


I am Sameer Nawani A Certified Adwords Expert

Trained 500 Individuals, 7+ Years of Experience & Consulting 10+ Corporate Clients Upto Date

Since I have spent 7 Years working & Training Google Adword, I Can tell you that in tech support business you cannot rely on call vendors every time.

Be willing To Generate In House calls through PPC

I do not sell calls instead I train you that how to generate your own tech support calls through Pay per Click.

Why You Should choose Me?

Genrating calls for tech supports needs expertise and experience otherwise it can burn your money easily. I have more than 7 yrs of experience and supported companies by my sessions.

You can be a ppc expert but it does not mean that you can generate effective and quality calls for business. In normal process it cost much to generate tech support calls.

But by using some effective methods It would cost you very genuine and it can boost your business easily. It would cost you in your budget and can double your profit also you will get online support by me for any hassel so what you are waiting for – join an expert session about Techsupport Leads by SEM, using adwords and boost your business effectively.

“Popular and high conversion tech support calls you can connect.”

Antivirus Calls

Antivirus activation calls are highly in demand which includes antivirus support and activation. Due to high demand and bid price of the particular keywords makes these calls a little expensive but has high conversion rate

Printer Calls

Issues related to printer can be fixed through remote : example installation of drivers, paper jam, wireless printer issue etc. These calls gives high conversion and one of the favourite segments In Tech Support Industry.

Router Calls

Calls related to Router issue are less in demand but shows high conversion when handled properly. Once fixing the router issue leads to conversion very quickly.

PC Issue Calls & Paid Email Calls

Issues related to email are like forgot user id & password, email recovery, email spamming etc. These call are highly in demand and leads to conversion very quickly.

Quick Book Calls

Quickbooks is extremely acclaimed bookkeeping programming created by INTUIT.Be it an independent venture need or Individual business it is being utilized over the world.Calls for quickbook are bit expensive but provides high conversions.

Activation Calls

Activation calls deals in various segments, which gives high conversion rate varies product to product. People In Tech Support loves to handle activation calls.


Tech Support is an endless Business as individuals will require bolster administrations for their items (Antivirus, Email support, Printer Support, Router, Activation PC Support and so on.) constantly. Beginning a Tech Support Business is a decent choice however beginning it with the correct specialty and consultant’s is more essential.

My revolutionary training mechanisms and hands-on approach will then enable you to make smar-ter decisions and get enhanced targeting PPC skills for better cost and budget optimisation

Today’s Best Source of Quality Lead era is Internet and Pay Per click promoting model in Internet Marketing provides for you best Results. You must learn “PPC” If you need to begin Selling your Goods or Services inside 24hrs.

Brief Process Of PPC Campaign for Tech Support Business

Strategy Behind PPC Search Campaign

Distribute Ad Groups Category Wise

Ad Creation

Selection Of Keywords

Bid Strategy

Advance Settings

Radius Targeting If Required

Landing Page Optimisation

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    PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.

    “I am swapped with work and i am planning to hire a few employees to handle the work-load.”

    “This course ensured that my dream of opening my own digital marketing agency is not a dream, anymore!”

    “From being a nobody, i now lead a team of 10 people, all because of this course!”

    “I never knew i could handle such big prestigious clients & companies on my own Google Adwords Freelancer.”