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FaceBook Advertising:Tips & Tricks

The social media network Face book can also be used to maximize the exposure of your brand, apart from connecting with friends. Advertising on Face book not only promises a good ROI but also increases the brand value.

However, it can be an expensive proposition to advertise on Face book if certain tips and tricks are not followed diligently. These nifty little tips and tricks not only bring down the overall cost of advertising on Face book but also lure many users to your website.

1) Good Content is King!

A tried and trusted way to lure visitors and prospective consumers to the website of your brand is through good content. There is no substitute for good and relevant content. So make sure that not only is your content relevant and unique, but the title of the content is also attractive. It ought to pique the interest of the consumer and it also should convey the philosophy of the brand in minimum words. To understand and to gauge whether your content is good or not, just ask yourself a very simple question – “Would I read my own content (as a prospective consumer)?”

2) Build a local brand with the help of reviews:

You can establish yourself as a local brand and get good results. One exceedingly simple way to do this is to leverage the power of brand reviews. This will increase your click through rate and also maximize the ROI of your brand.

3) Divide your Face book advertisement depending on the channels:

One of the most common mistakes that amateurs make is to make a common advertisement and then run it on all the channels, irrespective of the fact whether it is even relevant on that channel or not. An advertisement made for the desktop version of the brand’s website may not be the ideal fit for the mobile version of the brand where the screen size is less. Hence, make advertisements relevant to the designated output channel and that applies for Face book advertisements as well.

4) Text on Images:

Are you fretting about banner burnout? Fret no more. And that is because there is a very simple trick to tackle this problem. Simply write text on images. It is a very effective technique to lower your CPC’s and increase your CTR.

5) Advertise at local events very cheaply:

Yes, you can advertise at local events at very pocket-friendly rates and maximize your ROI. What’s more, you can also associate your brand with some local hero and get more revenue.

With these simple tips and tricks, I hope you are ready to maximize your returns with Face book advertisements.

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