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Points affecting an ad campaign

“Let’s maximise your profits by working efficiently on these points, which dynamically affect the ad campaign.”

Network Distribution:

Showcase your ads in the most efficient & optimum network distribution sites.

Auction Strategy

We advocate the best auction strategy based on your goals.

Real time Window

Detect the real-time web-activity on your website

Target Audience

Appeal to your target audience with customized keywords

Keyword Type

Match the correct keywords to your goals for greater success

Nature of business

No matter what your nature of business, we have it all covered


Monitor the conversions and see the effective results for yourself

Paid vs Organic

Evaluate the paid vs organic keyword reports and see how well you are faring

Quality Score

We ensure a good quality score for your ad and for your business

Competitor Analysis Insight

Beat the competitors with our in-depth experience & expertise

Cost Management

Manage your costs in an economical and budgetary way

Ad Rotation

Ad rotation helps you to showcase your various ads according to the different audiences and time-zones

Landing Page Optimization

Optimize your site for the best user experience whether it is a desktop or a mobile site

Device Management

Target all the devices and never lose even a single member of your target audience

Automated Clock Analysis

Automated analysis helps you to stay focused on the job, all the time!

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