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I Will Provide

  • Complete Social Media Promotion

    Expand your reach with my customized Social Media Promotion. Social Media is a very important facet in the current times and it is imperative to harness its power in the best possible way, so that your brand is visible all the time, everywhere!

  • Complete Search & Display

    My revolutionary and in-depth consulting tools will consult and aid you in making a successful  advertise on Google. Your brand will be a force to reckon with at the end of the Internet digital marketing campaign, as i will use my arsenal of technologically advanced tools and other savvy details to promote it

  • Google Shopping

    I will consult you how to engage in an efficient and effective online campaign with Google Shopping. Be abreast of the changing Google Policies and make the adequate changes to your digital marketing strategy based on the new amendments so that your campaign is always in sync with the times

  • E- Commerce

    Elevate your digital and online ROI with customised PPC promotions. These customised promotions will guarantee a steady clientele to your e-commerce website 24X7 and sales will peak all through the year, no matter what time-zone you are based in

  • Facebook Promotion

    Increase your online profits to the next level with Facebook promotion. No need to worry about the changing Facebook and social media advertising guidelines as I will equip you with all the details and how to go about your campaign, even with the changed guidelines

  • Youtube Promotion

    Be one with your audience with the help of your YouTube promotional campaign. Engage with the users via the video platform and get to know them better. Stay in-touch and abreast of the times with the latest marketing strategies on Youtube, as well.

  • Promotion On Yahoo & Bing

    Elevate your online gains to the next level by promoting them on Yahoo & Bing. Target your customers on all the platforms and on all the search engines. Different search engines may have different marketing and advertising strategies, which will be taught in my exceptional consulting course

  • Google Express

    Let Google Express take care of all your groceries concerns. Out-source all the recursive tasks to Google Express so that you are better equipped to handle more important and better tasks and make more optimum use of your time

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics data is a tool, which can shape any successful Pay Per Click campaign & Facebook marketing. I will also consult & teach you how to interpret the data so as to make the best possible decisions so that your PPC campaign starts seeing exciting results from the beginning

  • Google Adwords

    Improve & elevate your Ads on Google & Google Adwords accounts with the latest tools and methodologies. My years of expertise and experience will guarantee that you know all the best possible practices from Day 1, which will guarantee effective results for your PPC campaign.

Advance Digital Marketing
(Ad Campaign)

"Let's maximise your profits by working efficiently on these points, which dynamically affect the ad campaign and online Google Ads.”

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Lower the costs of your campaign, while driving more and better traffic to your website with my strategic masterplan. Elevate your business to the next level and get a higher return on your in-vestment VIA advertise on Google, as I will help you to build advanced campaigns, which are efficient and effective for online Google Ads.

Strate-gy is one of the most important components of your digital Internet campaign and it is hence all the more imperative to get it right. I will offer a customised PPC strategy plan to all my clients after going through their product/service and ensure that the impeccable results are a guarantee from the word “Go”!

Keywords analysis

Apart from Strategy, Keywords are the other backbone of a successful digital Internet campaign. I will research on the keywords of the customer’s industry and cover all or most of the important ones in his ad campaign, so that nothing is left to chance. The requisite keyword analysis and the keyword density components are also taken care off so that I can guarantee you effective and effi-cient results, while enhancing your brand identity on the web, as well. The PPC campaigns are also reviewed and tweaked in-house so that any inconsistencies can be handled well, in time.


Provided to Corporate Clients and Students“I worked with these exemplary brands and it was an exciting challenge to run their Internet mar-keting & PPC campaign with great results”


Provided to corporate Clients and Companies

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Google Adwords Consultant
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