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My revolutionary training mechanisms and hands-on approach will then enable you to make smar-ter decisions and get enhanced targeting PPC skills for better cost and budget optimisation.
  • Course Durations

    My course is designed for the amateurs to the professionals in mind with varying course-lengths, so that there is something for everyone

  • Coach Experience Sharing (Corporate Training)

    Share your experiences with fellow students so that you can learn from your combined experiences, as “Experience is the best School”

  • Benefits

    Get an edge over your peers and become a PPC professional who not only has knowledge but also the expertise to handle customized PPC solutions for clients

  • Practical Experience (Corporate Training)

    There is no substitute for Practical experience, and I will guarantee that you will not only be classroom trained but also be loaded with practical exposure at the end of the course

  • Handle Real-Time Campaign

    Apply your newly learned skills to a real-time PPC campaign and see how you fare in the actual world. I will be present to guide you and tweak the campaign, as well

  • Classroom Coaching (Corporate Training)

    Get classroom coaching by one of the industry’s best teachers and learn all the ropes and in-and-outs of the highly dynamic field of Internet Marketing& PPC campaigns

  • Handle Social Media Accounts

    Handle your the Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn with aplomb and see the clicks converting into sales, rightaway

  • Get Google Certificate

    Become Google Certified and use it as a badge of honor, while applying for jobs. It will instantly increase your market value also immediately

  • Employees Training (Corporate Training)

    Train your employees and make them on-par with the latest PPC methodologies so that they can apply them to get the best results for your PPC campaigns

  • Work On Live Projects

    Get experience handling real-time and live projects and see the analytical results for yourself. Apply your knowledge immediately to see the effective results

Advanced PPC Training Delhi and NCR

I Have designed this course after analysing the online market trend for a better understanding the same fields its objectives and goals. After completing this course you will be able to deep dive in your business problems and you will be able to solve these problems that will help you to expand your business.

Why You Should Learn PPC ?

Today's Best Source of Quality Lead era is Internet and Pay Per click promoting model in Internet Marketing provides for you best Results. You must learn "PPC" If you need to begin Selling your Goods or Services inside 24hrs. The following are some more motivations to Lean Paid Advertising.

  1. PPC is one of the best systems for Direct Online Marketing.
  2. PPC results are faster as contrasted with SEO operations .
  3. There are numerous Pay Per Click programs however the pioneer is Google Advertising project.
  4. Exceptionally Paid Jobs beginning 25k to 90k for every month.
  5. Best For Business Start ups Planing to Acquire Online lead

Course Higlight

  1. Advance PPC Training
  2. Google Certified Program
  3. 70% practical 20% Theory 10% Experience
  4. Workon live Ad account


  1. Introduction And Basics Of Google Adwords
  2. Practice Of Basic Settings And Google Search Network
  3. Google Ad Policies From The Google Rule Book
  4. Creation Of Effective Campaign And Optimisation
  5. Creation Of Effective Ad Groups
  6. Live Ad Creation Practice And Tips
  7. Detail Analysis Of Types Of Network In Google Adwords
  8. Targeting Visitors By Geo Targeting, Language And Devices
  9. Keywords With Different Match Types

Advance Search Network

  1. How Search Network Works
  2. Advantage Of Google Search Network
  3. Advance Social And Experimental Settings
  4. Ad Scheduling And Ad Delivery Method Options
  5. Advance Location Option (Radius Targeting)
  6. Fraud Click Analysis
  7. IP Exclusion
  8. Steps Involved In Changing A Keyword Bid
  9. Setting Up Automated Rules
  10. Ad Extentions - Call Ext, Location Ext, Call Out, Structured Snippets... Etc
  11. Strategy Behind First Position Position In Serp

Advance Display

  1. How Display Network Works
  2. Display Network Recommendation And Understanding
  3. Basic Biding And Budget Settings
  4. Common Ad Extensions In Dn
  5. Option To Target Operating System, Device Models, And Wireless Networks
  6. Ad Delivery Methods
  7. Contextual Targeting
  8. Benefits Of Frequency Capping
  9. Gmail Ads

Strategic Project Analysis & Report Features

  1. Keyword Mining
  2. Auction Insight And Its Use
  3. Opportunities Tab And Its Advantage
  4. Advance Search Term Report And Project Observation On Its Basis
  5. Analysis Of Impression Share Report
  6. Customised Reporting
  7. Conversion Strategy Target Audience Source
  8. Divice Management Report
  9. Demographics And Its Use In Reporting
  10. Change History


  1. Benefits of remarking
  2. Set up the validity for remarking campaign
  3. How to generate remarking code
  4. Remarketing for products
  5. set up remarking campaigns

Branding by video ads on youtube

  1. Benefits Of Instream & Video Promotion Ads On Youtube
  2. Technical Requirements & Policies For True View Ads
  3. Creatiion Of Effective Video Ads Campaign
  4. Working And Functionality Of Video Ads
  5. Identify The Customer Source In Video Ads Platform
  6. Payment Methods For Video Ads

Google Express

  1. How It Works
  2. Expand Your Local Business
  3. Increase Business Reach With Minimum Cost
  4. Method To Achieve Maximum Roi
  5. How It Is Beneficial For Small Business Line

Google Business Listing

  1. Improve Local Business Info With Local Extension
  2. Visibility On Google Maps
  3. Tricks And Technicality To Improve Business By Local Listing
  4. How To Promote Business By Local Listing

Google Analytics

  1. Connect To Adwords
  2. Assigning Goals
  3. Real Time Window
  4. Filter Out Internal Traffic
  5. Advance Reporting
  6. Maximise ROI

Google Editor (A Magic Tool)

  1. How To Edit Bulk Ads
  2. Rules For Use Advance Function Of Adwords Editor
  3. Work Offline
  4. Transfer One Account To Another

Google Shopping & E-commerce Branding

  1. Dynamic Remarketing With Enhance E-Commerce Data
  2. Introduction To Google Merchant Centre
  3. Understanding Of Product Listing Ads
  4. Bid Strategy For Commerce Campaign
  5. Campaign Optimisation Strategy For E-Commerce Store
  6. Set Demographics
  7. Pla Account Creation And Its Use
  8. Requirement And Business Goal Shopping

Budget & Billing

  1. Billing Procedure Associated With Adwords
  2. Types Of Payments In Google
  3. Knowledge Of Advance Payment Methods
  4. Difference Between All Billing Type
  5. Tips For Annual Billing
  6. Tips For International Billing
  7. How To Choose Currency For Better Performance

My Client Centre

  1. Steps To Create New Account
  2. How To Link An Existing Account
  3. Use Of Dierent Types Of Access
  4. How To Accept Grant Access

Facebook Ads (Adverts)

  1. Introduction to Facebook
  2. brand creation and brand promotion
  3. create fb page to meet business objective
  4. marketing strategy for different types of business
  5. difference between profile wall and business page wall
  6. event promotion (Paid and non paid)
  7. Group creation (brand building)
  8. ad policies
  9. ad creation tool
  10. Ads manager Vs. business manager
  11. power editor (Advance advertisers)
  12. conversion tracking (E-commerece, B2B, B2C
  13. Page Likes
  14. click to website
  15. boost your post
  16. website conversion
  17. Lead Capture / Lead Generation
  18. Ads for E-commerece (types) and their conversion tracking
  19. ads for b2b (types) and their conversion tracking
  20. create and optimising ad copy
  21. ads targeting
  22. how to create custom audience
  23. significance of CTR
  24. objectives to meet roi
  25. targeting core audiences


  • Get Job in Prestigious Company
  • Start traning with live projects
  • Learn Digital Marketing

Openings right now !


  • What Qualification is required for this course ?

    You don’t need any specific qualification to pursue this course. People from any background can do this course.

  • What kind of salary can I expect as a fresher in this area ?

    The pay for freshers in this field ranges from 20000 – 30000 every month relying upon the organisation or profile.

  • Will I get any certification after completing this Google Adwords Training ?

    Yes, after completing this course you have to attend and pass GAP (Google Adwords Professional) exam separately. Out of three exams the candidate have to pass at least two exams to achieve Google Certificate.

  • What are the job opportunities open to the candidate ?

    There are various opportunities available in this field, few are :

    Marketing Campaign Manager
    PPC Specialist
    Google Adwords Professional
    Web Marketing Analyst
    Internet marketing Consultant
    PPC Manager
    Online Marketing Manager


  • Google Adwords
  • Complete Social Media Promotion
  • Complete Search & Display
  • Promotion On Twitter
  • Promotion On Linkedin
  • Branding On Instagram
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